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Each Service is Designed to Reduce Costs & Improve Production

Our clients know that there is no cookie cutter approach to proper project management. Our goal is to become an integral part of your project team and get you the most accurate information you need to remain compliant, stay on budget, be on the right side of environmental law, and so much more.
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NCI has provided "on the ground" environmental monitoring services for more than 20 years on large, linear projects such as pipeline and transmission line ROW'S. We provide construction monitoring services on behalf of project sponsors, as well as compliance monitoring on behalf of regulatory agencies. We have a large staff of experienced permitting specialists, construction inspectors and biologists. Our monitoring services are coordinated with each project's activity sequence and critical path schedule; from pre-construction surveys to post-construction assessments.

We work in collaboration with regulatory agencies and construction inspection management teams. This ensures that all federal, state, and FERC environmental compliance requirements are successfully implemented throughout the construction sequence and restoration. We work directly with all specialized monitors (archaeological, biological, environmental, FERC, and paleontological) to insure project specific issues are addressed.

We are experienced with Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, military installations, various Native American Tribes, and various state requirements.

Monitoring and compliance services we provide include:

  • Environmental/Cultural inspection
  • On-site continuous monitoring throughout the project
  • Consultation in the field
  • Resolution of field issues to minimize non-compliances during construction
  • Continuous communication (daily and weekly reports, photographs, weekly meetings)
  • Monitoring and follow-up during clean-up and restoration
  • Annual compliance audits (restoration and vegetation success, erosion issues, noxious weeds, trespass, subsidence and safety concerns)
  • Additional monitoring provided if required
  • Qualified FERC compliance/inspections

We have over 4,036 miles of linear projects approved and completed!


GIS - Geographic Information Systems

Many organizations do not have extensive in-house mapping expertise and infrastructure because it is not central to their mission and because maintaining GIS (Geographic Information Systems) capacity is expensive. NCI can utilize GIS technology to help you improve project communication and operate more efficiently.

Accurate GIS information and mapping are an integral component of environmental analysis and NEPA permitting. NCI has developed sophisticated project mapping for hundreds of individual projects.

We also provide data services, applications services, and professional services to governmental agencies (federal, state, local) and private sector companies, including the utility and energy industries.

We utilize the latest ESRI ArcGIS software and programs. We can handle everything from one­time projects to ongoing spatial data processing.

We deliver on the promise of this technology!


We have two decades of experience complying with environmental regulations such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Water Act (CWA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MTA). We understand how to develop practical solutions to complex resource and regulatory issues. NCI biologists stay current about natural resource management and wildlife issues.

NCI Environmental Services has managed projects for many public and private clients. Some of our representative public clients are: the Bureau of Land Management (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming Offices), USDA Forest Service (Carson National Forest, San Juan National Forest), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Navajo Nation, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe, Jicarilla Apache Nation, and several municipal and county governments.

Environmental services we provide include:

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Threatened/Endangered/Sensitive Species Surveys
  • Biological Assessments
  • Biological Evaluations
  • Wetland Creation & Restoration
  • Wetland Delineation and Management
  • Riparian Restoration
  • CWA Section 404 permitting
  • CWA Section 401 certification
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Paleontology Resources Surveys
  • Rangeland Restoration and Erosion Control
  • Noxious & Invasive Weed Surveys
  • Water Quality Sampling and Analysis
  • Special Use Permit acquisition